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Managed Wireless

ITWORX UK understand the importance of Wireless to all businesses and organisations for greater user experience and daily operations. We are closely partnered with industry leading suppliers so we can provide customised cloud and on-premise wireless solutions for all industries and business sizes. The networks we have designed and installed for our clients have proved time and time again to increase speeds, coverage, connection, user capacity and ensure fewer support calls are made.

We will future proof your wireless, ensuring it has the capability to grow alongside your business.

Wireless Survey

We provide a full wireless survey that evaluates your current business environment. We will identify areas of risk, highlight opportunities for improvement and determine the next steps to ensure the best solution is provided for optimum results and full Wi-Fi coverage.

Indoor Wi-Fi


Cisco Meraki, Wireless managed from the cloud for faster deployment, simplified administration and richer visibility.

It provides:

  • Full Visibility and control of your system and network users, allowing notifications, monitoring and management onsite, through one pane of glass via the cloud
  • High speed wireless, allowing high performance in dense, demanding environments over a single cable
  • Device constantly scans and protects against security threats
  • Administrators can quickly create access, control and application usage policies, optimizing both the end-user experience and network security, while eliminating the cost and complexity of traditional on-site wireless controllers


We understand that cloud systems do not suit all use cases. Our Cisco Certified Wireless engineers (CCNA Wireless) can provide on premise solutions based on wireless controllers located on your premises configured to match your internal controls and policies.

Outdoor Wi-Fi

Outdoor Wi-Fi

Do you require outdoor wireless? Our engineers have vast knowledge and experience in creating successful outdoors networks. With today's mobile users expecting high quality Wi-Fi coverage in all locations, our engineers will ensure that your business has an outdoor network which is resilient, reliable and meets all your requirements, no matter how remote or challenging.

Cisco equipment is built from the highest-grade components and contains wireless technology that allows for faster connections and greater user capacity.

Choose the technology built for distance and suitable for all weather climates.

Point-to-Point Wireless (P2P)

Point-to-Point Wireless (P2P)

Are you looking to connect several business premises? Point to Point wireless is the ideal solution to bridge the communication between two or more sites, regardless of the range. Whether these locations are meters or miles apart, P2P is the perfect solution when others are too costly or impractical.



Our dedicated Cisco Professional certified Communications team are ready to support and resolve any issues you may experience, to ensure that your customers and business are never without a reliable wireless connection.