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Discover Cisco Meraki solutions: advanced wi-fi, digital workplace technology, and cyber security. Cater to your evolving IT needs with our cloud-based network platform that aligns with your objectives.

Looking for a solution for your business network in and around Aberdeen? You're in the right place. At ITWORX UK, we have accumulated years of experience in IT Support, collaborating with a variety of businesses in different industries throughout Aberdeen and beyond.

Control your connected world, from anywhere

A Network Infrastructure solution like Cisco Meraki offers you a business network portal that's always accessible. Available from any location, on any device with internet capability, this Cloud-based solution provides comprehensive management of your corporate network, enabling you to set up devices, review reports, and troubleshoot problems in a matter of minutes.

Cisco Meraki solutions is compatible with an array of networking devices and applications and can assist you in merging network components into a single, straightforward interface, offering you total control from any location with an internet connection, whether in Aberdeenshire or beyond.

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Oversee security across all of your network and devices

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Robust network controls from any location

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Compatible with numerous apps and networking peripherals

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Scalable configurations for businesses of any size that grow with you

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Reduce admin and boost efficiency with more dependable connections

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Complete remote management across multi-site networks

Deeper options, simpler solutions

Managing your network from anywhere is easy with Cisco Meraki. It streamlines devices, users, networks, and security with adjustable security and automated management. The Cloud network management platform allows administrators to manage their network from anywhere. From a simple dashboard, you can manage network switches, SD-WAN, VPNs, and other network solutions. The system also allows you to manage networks on a larger scale, with strategies for security, user privileges, and access. This ensures a consistent network setup and maintains security compliance. Cisco Meraki also simplifies Cloud network management and offers many advantages.

All-in-One Solution

Your company network consists of various hardware and software systems, each demanding individual management and interfaces. Cisco Meraki consolidates all of your systems into a single Cloud portal, enabling you to manage every network component through a uniform user interface at all times. With support for a wide range of applications and devices, administrators no longer need to juggle multiple dashboards to address their issues.

Enhanced Productivity

The productivity advantages of Meraki are dual-pronged, offering improved efficiency for both IT administrators and the end-users they support. Meraki's straightforward, unified approach to network management ensures that all necessary maintenance and troubleshooting is handled from a single point of contact. By enhancing network security and efficiency, your business enjoys quicker, more dependable connections, and your users benefit from more stable, reliable connections.

Compatibility and Integration

Cisco Meraki can integrate with other cloud platforms and software, such as Single Sign On providers, Guest Wi-Fi services and Cisco Secure Client for VPN connectivity.

Complete Control and Transparency

Cisco Meraki aids in simplifying Cloud network management without compromising on specialised services. Administrators have the ability to implement and enforce network policies, monitor browsing habits, and even detect and rectify issues using the Meraki Health app.


Being Cloud-based, your Cisco Meraki portal is fully expandable, offering the features and functions necessary to grow your network and maintain consistent control, even as your business develops and transforms.

As companies aim to broaden their reach and handle personnel and procedures beyond the office, integrated Cloud solutions like Cisco Meraki are becoming increasingly essential.

Cisco Meraki Wireless Solutions

Cisco Meraki ensures optimal connections across local, wide area, and Wi-Fi networks, keeping your teams performing at their best. Wireless solutions enable you to prioritise traffic to vital applications – even those not on your network. This results in faster, more secure access to the applications you require, with security, threat detection, and performance at the forefront of your solutions.

  • Promote efficient operations and boost productivity with speedy, dependable connectivity
  • Adjust your network traffic swiftly and effortlessly from any location
  • Enhance your wireless solution with a variety of compatible apps for security, analytics, and customer experiences
  • Flexible group policy management enables admins to create application-aware policies by user, network, and device.
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Cisco Meraki Security and Advanced Malware Protection

Cisco Meraki integrates the most reliable secure SD-WAN solution globally, the top-tier Advanced Malware Defense, and the most straightforward virtual network deployment using its unique Auto VPN solution. This integration results in total, all-encompassing protection for your network. It offers complete visibility of your LAN, WAN, ISP, and application servers, while safeguarding every component with the expert security skills of Cisco Talos. Cisco Meraki's threat intelligence consistently defends you against emerging threats - swiftly and thoroughly.

  • Cutting-edge, 7-layer firewalls diligently protect networks from online threats
  • Implement Client VPNs across all operating systems without requiring extra software
  • Exceptionally scalable, supporting from tens to tens of thousands of connected devices
  • Security summaries provide meticulous details of user, device, and application usage.
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Cisco Meraki Cloud-First Switching

Cisco Meraki's cloud-centric switches enable you to implement policies on a large scale, regardless of your IP. With thousands of stackable ports that are scalable and individually customizable, you can ensure your workloads stay on course. Full transparency across all connected devices and networks allows you to pinpoint threats as well as users, applications, and devices.

  • Identify authenticated access points and connect automatically with SecureConnect
  • Implement extra security layers to confirm user, app, and device intent
  • Minimise the expenses and intricacies of manually managing switches.
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Cisco Meraki System Manager - Mobile Device Management

Cisco Meraki's System Manager Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool gives your organisation the confidence to grow. It fosters a borderless world, enabling you to employ anyone, anywhere, securely.

By leveraging a fully Cloud-managed platform, you can administer and sustain your company's network, irrespective of geographical location. Its intuitive dashboard gives you complete authority over the usage of your business-related devices, offering an extra level of security for your enterprise. With increased control over your device usage, your company reaps the benefits of heightened security, improved productivity, and seamless scalability.

The numerous benefits of mobile device management are evident, and with cyber security being a vital element for any thriving business, it's essential that yours is equipped to handle it. By employing a Cloud-based mobile device management platform like Cisco Meraki System Manager, you are safeguarding your devices against both external and internal cyber threats.

Having accumulated years of expertise in the sector and in utilising cyber security solutions, ITWORX UK is your reliable ally in bolstering your business' cyber security.

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