Social Good Connect - Case Study

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The Need for a Solution

Social Good Connect are a purpose-led social enterprise dedicated to offering employer-led volunteering. They connect employees with physical and virtual volunteering opportunities in a wide variety of charities. The founder and CEO Caroline McKenna wanted to "create a platform that intelligently matches employees from the private sector with volunteer opportunities suited to their skills, hobbies and passions. Much more than a searchable self-serve database, our aim was to offer employees complete freedom to choose activities that feed their soul, develop their skills and allow them to give back on their own terms."

The Covid-19 pandemic brought an urgent requirement for their services, to help support furloughed staff and struggling communities. With their original launch date set for November 2020, after consideration and careful planning, they were able to launch in May 2020, 6 months earlier than intended. Since launching they have accelerated past their original growth plan. When it came to finding an IT support provider, it was essential that they could support that growth and future-proof the company to engage employers and volunteers and sustain social impact beyond the pandemic.

While researching the market for a support provider, a key element was to find a reliable, professional company that understood the needs of the business and could translate these business needs into technology solutions. With no technical background and little IT knowledge, it was important that the IT partner had Social Good Connect's best interests in mind and could explain solutions clearly with very little IT jargon.

ITWORX UK were recommended to Social Good Connect and a great relationship was quickly established. After discussions around their needs and requirements, ITWORX UK presented a simple solution, which met all requirements at competitive pricing.

  • Objectives

    1. Set up MS365 SharePoint
    2. Streamline internal processes to increase efficiency
    3. Set up Exclaimer for ease creating, managing, and changing company email signatures
    4. Future proof the business
  • Challenges Faced

    1. Covid-19 Lockdown 1.0

    - A nationwide lockdown had been put in place. Set-up and all works required were completed remotely.

  • Solution Delivery

    Social Good Connect chose ITWORX UK as their IT Support provider and instantly found the service provided to them was reliable and to a very high standard. As they launched during the pandemic, all work has been completed remotely without any disruption.

    ITWORX UK recommended using SharePoint to store their data. This would allow all data to be easily accessed, managed and stored in one place.

  • Why SharePoint?

    • SharePoint is a business grade product, which can build intranet sites and create pages, document libraries and lists
    • Share important visuals, news and updates with their team
    • Permissions can be created for each staff member to grant or restrict access to sensitive files
    • Client can follow and search for sites, files and people across the business
    • Manage daily routine with workflows, forms and lists
    • Sync and store files in the cloud so anyone, with granted access, can securely work
    • Links to shared documents or collaboration spaces can also easily be sent via email, making it easy for users to be quickly directed to exactly what they want to see
  • Our IT Support

    We understand that every business has different IT Support needs, which is why we tailor our services to ensure our clients specific business support requirements are met - leaving our clients to focus on their business, while we maintain and support their IT. Our support offering gives our clients the control and allows them to decide which services from our full portfolio they would like us to support. The model is designed to be fully flexible, so you can add or remove services as your business changes.

  • The Results

    Social Good Connect are confident with ITWORX UK as their IT support partner. A great relationship has been built and staff are comfortable to ask for support with any IT queries and receive immediate support. Having opted for our proactive managed service which includes proactive monitoring, we are able to find and fix any problems before the end-user is affected.

    ITWORX UK provided and setup new laptops and ensured the set-up was to business grade, giving all staff the ability to work remotely seamlessly and securely.

    There have been reports of immediate improvement across all business systems; this has increased productivity by streamlining internal processes.

  • “ITWORX UK are experts in their field and we have complete peace of mind with them as our Support provider. The ITWORX UK team provide excellent customer service and support. There are no daft questions, and they explain everything clearly without IT jargon. They have streamlined our processes, saving us a lot of time internally to focus on our business.”

    – Caroline McKenna, CEO