Caravan Park - Case Study

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The Need for a Solution

The Caravan Park was established in 1966 and is one of the largest privately-owned parks in Scotland. It is a 5 Star Award Winning, family run, Holiday Park based in the North East of Fife, which accomodates thousands of customers per month.

New developments lead to a vast expansion of the Holiday Park grounds. This resulted in an increase of customers and problems became instantly evident with the original wireless system. The original Wi-Fi network was unable to reach the new expansion areas, which meant even less users could connect to the Wi-Fi. The customer service support was unable to keep up with the demand from customers who were experiencing the connectivity issue. This resulted in numerous complaints to Park staff, who then had to try and assist in the reconnection etc. With the business now affected and staff having to try and fix problems they were not experienced in dealing with, the owners determined that a solution was necessary and arranged for outside support to carry out a wireless survey. The survey concluded there were major issues and ITWORX UK were recommended to undertake the project.

ITWORX UK were awarded the project because they offered the best solution, which included very competitive pricing, a straightforward solution explanation with all requirements met, than had previously been presented by competitors.

  • Objectives

    • Upgrade, improve and future proof complete Wi-Fi system
      • Including coverage, speed and performance.
    • Ensure both circuits are continuously fully functional
    • Full admin back up service for customers
  • Challenges Faced

    • Lack of coverage from the existing access points
    • No Guest Wi-Fi Network set up
    • Wireless Survey cable lengths were incorrect
    • Ensuring Wi-Fi was stable to manage vast number of users
    • Ensuring each access point could cover and reach all areas
  • Solution Delivery

    The Caravan Park chose ITWORX UK as their delivery partner for implementation and support. ITWORX UK embraced the challenge and tailored the solution to fit the requirements and recommended that installing Cisco Meraki was the most effective solution.

  • Why Cisco Meraki?

    • Client has full control of their system, allowing notifications, monitoring and management onsite from one pane of glass without additional cost
      • Cisco Meraki dashboard allows visibility of the network users, their devices, and applications via the cloud
      • Administrators can quickly create access control and application usage policies, optimizing both the end-user experience and network security while eliminating the cost and complexity of traditional onsite wireless controllers
      • Allows content filtering
    • Load balancing was enabled for users accessing the network on all devices e.g. mobile phone/computer to cohesively run on the same circuit
    • Integrated Bluetooth Beacons, streamlined guest access, and rich location analytics provide the very best opportunity for customer engagement
    • High speed and capacity wireless allowing high performance in the dense, demanding environment over a single cable
    • Application Visibility and Granular Control – prioritise critical applications and limit recreational usage
    • Device constantly scans and protects against security threats
      • Device includes Cisco Anti-Malware Protection integration.
  • The Results

    The project was completed on time, within budget and achieved all objectives set. After installation the client reported immediate improvement.

    Customers can now connect to a Guest Wi-Fi network, stress free, with the ability to easily stream media including Netflix, YouTube and music, which previously was unattainable. ITWORX UK was appointed as the Support Contractor, becoming first port of call for Park customers connecting. ITWORX UK now answer all queries, allowing Park staff to focus on tasks without disruption. The park also reported an immediate reduction in customer complaints, which have been received since the new improved system and ITWORX UK partnership.