Case Study - Cairngorms Resort

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The Need for a Solution

Located within the Cairngorms National Park there is a highly prestigious resort spread across a 35-acre site. It attracts a vast number of guests worldwide, who are eager to stay in the hotel complex or one of the 131 available units of self-catering accomodation. These are equipped with a variety of high-end amenities and enjoy views of the stunning lanscapes that Scotland's Royal Deeside has to offer.

The resort has previously struggled with finding a solution that would give its clientele the best online experience. With vast modern advancements in technology, devices and broadband in the home environment, guests began to demand and expect the same when on vacation. With the latest infrastructure renewal dating back to 2007, it was no longer capable of meeting the modern standards expected, so an upgrade was the only solution. ITWORX UK were recommended to the resort and awarded the project, after presenting a solution which met all requirements at competitive pricing.

"The main driver for the upgrade was to give the people a service that could give frictionless access to broadband and to all internet experiences. We wanted to satisfy the modern demand that had accelerated at a pace, beyond expected and were now no longer able to compete with. We became victims of our own success" - UK General Manager.

  • Objectives

    1. Upgrade, improve and future proof the Guest Wi-Fi within lodges, suites and hotel public areas.
      • Including infrastructure upgrade and working with the client’s other technology partners to generate improvement.
      • Including connectivity, coverage, speed and performance.
    2. Ensure solution permits client to full visibility of Guest network usage and the ability to gain intelligence from data analysis, for both the IT and marketing teams, for the potential to drive extra revenue from marketing
    3. Upgrade and improve Guest Wi-Fi.
      • Including the improvement and modernisation of the Guest splash page..
  • Challenges Faced

    1. Locating all existing 100+ Access Points for decommissioning, using historical documentation.
    2. Combining both connections from the lodges, suites and hotel public areas into one network.
    3. Ensuring Wi-Fi is stable and capable of managing a high number of users and their multiple devices at any given time.
    4. Finding and agreeing a time to carry out the project when the lodges and suites would be vacant ensuring minimum disruption to the guests.
    5. Utilizing the existing cabling infrastructure.
  • Solution Delivery

    The resort chose ITWORX UK as their delivery partner for the implementation and support of this project. ITWORX UK embraced the challenge and tailored the solution to meet the requirements, recommending that installing Cisco Meraki was the most effective solution.

  • Why Cisco Meraki?

    • Client has full control of their system, allowing notifications, monitoring and management onsite from one pane of glass without additional cost
      • Cisco Meraki dashboard allows visibility of the network users, their devices, and applications via the cloud
      • Administrators can quickly create access control and application usage policies, optimizing both the end-user experience and network security while eliminating the cost and complexity of traditional onsite wireless controllers
      • Allows content filtering
    • Load balancing was enabled for users accessing the network on all devices e.g. mobile phone/computer to cohesively run on the same circuit
    • Integrated Bluetooth Beacons, streamlined guest access, and rich location analytics provide the very best opportunity for customer engagement
    • High speed and capacity wireless allowing high performance in the dense, demanding environment over a single cable
    • Application Visibility and Granular Control – prioritise critical applications and limit recreational usage
    • Device constantly scans and protects against security threats
      • Device includes Cisco Anti-Malware Protection integration.
  • The Results

    The client now has a state-of-the-art connectivity solution that was completed on time and met all objectives set, now enhancing the overall company value. Customers can effortlessly connect to the Guest Wi-Fi with no friction, stress free and can easily download and stream media including Netflix, YouTube and music.

    ITWORX UK have since been awarded a 24/7 support contract, becoming the first point of contact for the resort guests. ITWORX UK now answer all queries allowing resort staff to focus on daily tasks, without disruption.

  • “Throughout this entire project ITWORX UK have done an excellent job. They have really responded to what was a difficult situation, worked to a tight timeline and were receptive to our frustrations. ITWORX UK very quickly delivered what we needed to the highest standard.”

    UK General Manager.