Switching to a hosted phone system

12th January, 2021

  • Telephony

Cloud and hosted based phone systems are the answer to the ISDN switch off. Introducing a whole new phone system to your company, is not as scary as it sounds.

Here are some of the benefits:

1. Cloud phone systems cost less

The first significant benefit moving to a hosted phone system, is the considerable cost savings, compared to traditional phone services. With the introduction of hosted systems, it eliminates the need to pay up-front for expensive installation costs and eliminates the ongoing maintenance burden. With your phone system now hosted on the internet, you now have the flexibility to pay per phone, which can be amended monthly.

2. Flexibility to retain and present numbers in any location

You may be asking yourself; “Will my number change when I move to a hosted system?”. The answer – No. VoIP users may keep their existing phone number. Ofcom has, in fact, made it mandatory for service providers to allow users to port their original phone number.

3. Reduced call costs

Calls made on a plan with VOIP providers, are generally much cheaper than making landline-landline or mobile-mobile phone calls. This is because calls are now being placed over the VOIP network, using your existing internet connection, rather than using the traditional phone network.

4. A simple solution perfect for multi-site organisations

You may be asking yourself; “What if my organisation has multiple offices based at different sites?” The answer - No problem! It is now possible through a single system to connect multiple sites easily and cost-effectively.

5. Will I have the same features that I get with my current phone system?

Hosted phone systems are packed full of features to make your life easier:

  • Remote Working - Quick and easy to set up anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Call Recording - Record all or selected calls in a secure and compliant manner.
  • Mobile Compatible - Make and receive business landline calls as if you were in the office.
  • Detailed billing and calls stats available 24/7 online

If you need any further advice or information on the benefits of a hosted phone system, or the ISDN switch off - please get in touch with us.