Protect Your Business Against Cyber Threats with Cisco Umbrella

21st October, 2022

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Leverage the Many Advantages of Cisco Umbrella for Your Business

The cyber threat landscape is changing, and we have seen a dramatic increase in cyber crime. It is therefore now more important than ever that your organisation has the tools at its disposal to ward off malicious threats. Cisco Umbrella acts as the first line of defence for your organisation, centralising multiple security functions into one solution to ensure your data, work-related devices and remote users are protected at all times.

Your hybrid workforce needs to be able to access their applications, files and servers safely to be able to fulfil their roles, and it is of paramount importance that your cyber security solution enables your remote workers to do so. Unsecured networks, work-related devices being stored off-premises and diluted control are just some of the challenges facing business owners who have a remotely deployed workforce. However, due to Cisco Umbrella’s DNS-layer security features, you can prevent a threat before it has even reached your remote worker’s browser.

Why You Should Invest in Cisco Umbrella

Security, made easy

If you’re looking to protect all your users, organisation-wide, regardless of their location then Cisco Umbrella is the solution for you. As Cisco Umbrella is Cloud-based, everything is stored and accessible from one centralised location, meaning you don’t have to be physically in the office to reap the rewards. Because Cisco Umbrella automatically updates its software, and there isn’t any hardware to install, you are left with more time to focus on what truly matters: the day-to-day running of your business.

Ward off malicious threats

Due to Cisco Umbrella’s DNS-layer security, you are able to identify problematic, harmful files before they are downloaded or even established.

This means that malicious threats are prevented before they reach your endpoints, networks or browsers. Your entire business can benefit from DNS-layer security in less than 30 minutes, as the process has been streamlined for your convenience.

Work from anywhere, anytime, safely

Having a remotely deployed workforce comes with many benefits, but this can also put your systems at risk. Given the recent surge in cyber crime, it is essential that your devices are protected. With Cisco Umbrella, you can control app usage, take measures to protect your data and significantly reduce the possibility of a successful cyber attack. Your employees will gain access to a secure network anywhere, anytime, with Cisco Umbrella.

Heightened visibility and analytics at your fingertips

Coming with a whole host of in-depth reporting and data analytics, Cisco Umbrella allows you to identify trends in cyber crime and assess the security risks they posed to your endpoints and networks. You gain greater insight to what is occurring across your organisation, meaning you can identify, mitigate and prevent cyber attacks from detrimentally impacting your business.

Partner with ITWORX UK to Ensure You’re Cyber Secure

It is essential that your business is protected against cyber threats. ITWORX UK have years of experience in the field, providing cyber security solutions, such as Cisco Umbrella, to companies across all sectors.

For more information on how Cisco Umbrella can protect your business against the threat of cyber crime get in touch with ITWORX UK today.

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