ITWORX UK Celebrate Employee Ownership Day

29th June, 2023

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To celebrate Employee Ownership Day and being in its third year of employee ownership, ITWORX UK organised a family fun barbeque party. The day included a delicious barbeque held at Kippie Lodge and activities such as driving simulators, a bouncy castle, face painting and sumo wrestling.

Employee Ownership Day was on Friday 23rd June, and brings thousands of employee owners, businesses and supporters of employee ownership from across the UK together to raise awareness of the benefits and impact of employee ownership.

ITWORX UK transitioned to an employee owned business in October 2020. Employee owned business are known to be more productive, more resilient and are rooted in their local areas and communities. Transitioning to the employee ownership model reinforces the company value that its employees are at the heart of the business and now have a say in things that affect them, meaning that all staff within the business benefit from its success and contributes to it.

ITWORX UK have always had a strong focus on staff development and welfare. They have also continuously invested in young talent within the North East, crediting its strong track record of employee retention to giving a clear pathway for job progression and growth. The adoption of this model has created new job roles which has led to several internal promotions and an increase in industry credentials, allowing ITWORX UK to stay at the forefront of advancements within the ever-evolving IT industry.

Jill Ross, Commercial Director said “We are delighted with the progress the company has made within these first two years of employee ownership. We are continuing to grow and build on our long-term goals. It’s great to see all the positive engagement and contribution from the entire team.

“The barbeque was a great way to bring the employees and families together outside of the working day, to show appreciation and to celebrate Employee Ownership Day.”