ITWORX UK install Cisco UCS Blade server, Nexus switch and Nimble storage suite

17th March, 2015

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ITWORX UK understand that keeping pace with business performance demands of today, while facilitating technology developments of tomorrow, is no easy feat. ITWORX UK have invested and installed the only Cisco UCS demo suite in Scotland. Thus, allowing clients to gain practical, hand on experience of the capabilities of the UCS platform. All in house, all off site, without fear of compromise, permitting those interested to re-create or duplicate their operating environment at no risk and experience the benefits derived from this 'one pane of glass' management infrastructure. Clients are encouraged to experiment, at no cost, with this demo suite to discover for themselves what can be achieved.

If you answer NO - to any of the following questions then perhaps it is time that you explored the competitive advantages that Cisco UCS can bring to your organisation:

  • Does your physical infrastructure deliver more performance than your competitors systems, whilst being less costly to your company and the environment?
  • Are your computer, storage and network infrastructure systems scalable, so they can expand rapidly to meet your requirements?
  • Do you have complete control over physical and virtual computer, storage and networking infrastructure from a single management interface?
  • Has your data centre been designed to interlock with the new Cloud solutions?

Adoption of Cisco UCS will significantly improve end user productivity and therefor operating profitability because, it is a fact, that 75% of the Fortune 500 companies, who tick YES to all the above questions are already using the Cisco Unified Datacentre Platform.

The savings derived from having reduced physical equipment, decreased power consumption, lower cooling requirement, less cabling and fewer management costs in addition to improved capability, quickly adds up to be a highly attractive package, for organisations that want to stay at the forefront of technical innovations.