It's World Backup Day!

31st March, 2021

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Today marks the 10th anniversary of World Backup Day. Given our reliance on data nowadays, having a robust backup and business continuity solution in place is of the utmost importance all year round. World Backup Day aims to raise awareness of the various ways data is at risk, from hacked or stolen devices to accidental deletion or viruses.

Why should I backup my business data?

Over recent years there have been many high-profile ransomware attacks and data breaches. One of the most notable was the WannaCry ransomware attack which infected more than 300,000 computers worldwide, encrypting sensitive business data and disrupting productivity for over a week. Demands were then made for ransom payments to release the data.

Research has shown that on average, 2,244 cyberattacks happen globally each day with many of these targeting sensitive and critical business data. Without the right protection in place, your business could grind to a halt within minutes, costing valuable time and money.

Our Solution

A backup, in its simplest term, is a separate copy of your data so that if the worst happens and data loss occurs, you are best placed to get back up and working as quickly as possible. It is estimated that more the 60,000,000 computers will fail worldwide this year. No matter what size your business is, it is essential you have the correct procedures and technologies in place to protect your data.

We offer a fully automated backup and business continuity solution with both onsite and offsite options. Through our long-term partnership with Datto, we can provide flexible cloud storage options on both a time based and infinite retention model to fit your business needs.

We are a top tier Blue Diamond partner, joining the top 2% of Datto partners worldwide. Our experienced engineering team can have your business systems back up and running in significantly less time than traditional methods, resulting in minimal downtime and financial impact on your business.

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