Hosted phone systems: why the WLR/ISDN switch-off offers new opportunities

28th June, 2023

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The ISDN switch off

The BT ISDN Switch Off is well under way and effects a large selection of communication and phone solutions, particularly those under Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) services. The shutdown of these services means that every business must adopt modern communication solutions, such as Hosted telephony. It is essential that businesses take the correct actions now to ensure that they are sufficiently prepared.

Why is the switch off happening?

The switch off comes as a result of the evolution of communication technology. As Cloud and hosted phone systems become more popular, the legacy ISDN network quickly became outdated. ISDN and PSTN services are not capable of delivering the volume or quality of voice data that modern users require.

How will this affect your business communications?

The need to migrate current phone services will be the most significant impact of the ISDN switch off for most businesses. Many organisations still use IDSN technology for their communications, and will therefore need to move their phone lines to digital only solutions.

The alternative solution to ISDN: Hosted telephony

As businesses look to replace ISDN, one solution is presenting itself as the most suitable alternative: hosted telephony. These solutions deliver voice and multimedia communication over the internet, offering a range of enticing benefits for end users.

The benefits of hosted telephony solutions

Cost efficiency

Hosted telephony solutions are much cheaper than traditional landline systems, as they do not require expensive hardware to operate. As hosted telephony works over the internet, you use your existing internet connection to make calls. This eliminates the expense of line rental and maintenance and makes a service you are already paying for more cost effective.


As hosted telephony solutions operate over the internet, users can access their service providers from any location with an internet connection. While you can keep your old phone number, you are no longer tied to the local telephone exchange area that you were previously using. Experience complete call freedom, at home, in the office, or on the go.


For businesses just like yours, time is money. You cannot afford to experience downtime or restrictive communication delays when there is a hardware or internet outage. Fortunately, hosted telephony solutions can automatically and seamlessly failover to backup connections or be diverted to another destination in the result of an outage, meaning that you never have to sacrifice your availability.

How ITWORX UK can help

ITWORX UK have the specialist expertise to help you prepare for the ISDN switch off and transition to a new solution well in advance. With a range of hosted telephony solutions available, we can help you to choose the one that best suits your unique business needs.

Contact our team today for help selecting the ideal solution for your organisation.