Cisco Umbrella

11th May, 2020

  • Industry Insights
  • Security

When working from home, keeping our corporate devices and data safe from cybercriminals is a big challenge. Cyber threats are nothing new, but conventional security defences weren’t designed to enable remote security for users working from home. Security appliances were designed to secure devices that are being used within the office walls. That means those defences weren’t built for today’s expanded network perimeter — which extends all the way from the data center to your kitchen table. Remote security requires a different approach to protect company devices and data from malicious attacks.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to stay protected against threats, instead of making it another full-time job. By deploying DNS-layer security, IT teams can keep users working from home safe from opportunistic cyber threats, quickly and easily, on all their devices — even when they aren’t connected to the VPN.

Most people set up their home networks for the first time and leave their DNS resolution up to their ISP but this leads to a major security blind spot. Cybercriminals are eager to take advantage of vulnerable devices by executing malware attacks, and 91% of malware uses DNS to gain command and control, exfiltrate data, or redirect web traffic.

Cisco Umbrella delivers security for remote workers as part of its recursive DNS service, which checks for and blocks malicious or inappropriate domains and IPs. By enforcing security at the DNS and IP layers, Umbrella blocks requests to malware, ransomware, phishing, and botnets before a connection is even established. This means stopping attacks before they start. And since it doesn’t add any latency, Umbrella helps you stay productive on the job without compromising your protection when you’re working from home.

The last thing you need when trying to manage a challenging work from home situation is a slow internet connection or a malware attack. With Cisco Umbrella, you can connect to the internet with confidence on any device, from anywhere, with easy protection from cyber threats.

The Umbrella global network processes 200 billion internet requests from over 100 million users across 190 countries worldwide. To make sense of all that data, Cisco developed highly specialized models that block 7 million malicious destinations at any given time — and detect them before any other security provider on the planet.

Cisco are now offering a 90day extended trial period for Umbrella. This offer is valid until 1st July 2020.