Boost Your Cyber Security with Cisco Meraki MDM Managed Cloud Solution

3rd April, 2023

  • Security

How can Cisco Meraki’s managed cloud MDM boost your cyber security?

Our working world has taken on a new shape. While many companies were initially forced to go fully remote, many have now opted for a hybrid approach to their workforce. The best of both worlds really, where employees are able to enjoy the added flexibility that comes with working from home, while remaining connected. This does still present a sizable problem for companies, however, as devices stored and accessed off-premises are naturally more at risk than those that can be physically managed.

By employing the services of a managed cloud, Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, such as Cisco Meraki System Manager, you can ensure that your business-related devices are safe and secure at all times, regardless of location.

The many benefits of MDM for your business

With workforces being forced apart, and required to operate from different locations, this presented an opportunity for cyber criminals to hunt, and cyber crime surged by 50% when compared with last year. It is therefore essential that your work-related devices are protected. An MDM solution provides you with the tools to manage, monitor and secure business-related devices, or your own, personal devices, across a variety of operating systems from one, centralised location. By leveraging the power of a managed Cloud MDM, such as Cisco Meraki’s System Manager, your business benefits from:

Increased cyber security

With Cisco Meraki’s System Manager MDM solution, you are able to control the applications that employees install on to their devices, which means you can prevent malicious malware from infiltrating your systems.

Cisco Meraki System Manager also has a user-friendly dashboard, which grants greater visibility into how your employees’ devices are being used. If a device is lost, or stolen, you will immediately be made aware of this, and the appropriate actions can be taken. This mitigates the risk of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands and means a data breach or leak is far less likely to occur.

Automatic updates and maintenance

With Cisco Meraki’s System Manager MDM solution, you no longer have to invest your time in staying up to date with upgrades, firmware or updates as Cisco Meraki devices are updated on a quarterly basis. Depending on what works best for you and your business, you can either have updates run automatically, or with prior approval required.

Enhanced scalability and flexibility

A prerequisite for those using a hybrid work model. As your organisation grows, it is of the utmost importance that your IT infrastructure is able to support this. Cisco Meraki’s System Manager MDM solution has been built to configure, monitor and manage devices based entirely on what your business requires. The adding and removing of users can be done with ease, meaning the solution grows, or shrinks, to your specific company needs.

Greater control

This is perhaps the biggest advantage of Cisco Meraki’s managed Cloud MDM. This means that you have total control over your devices from anywhere, anytime.

This in turn strengthens your organisations security policy, ensures compliance with data protection regulations and reduces the likelihood of a data breach or leak. You can monitor potential security threats and alleviate the issue before it has even arisen. Detailed insights, boosted protection and total control, with Cisco Meraki System Manager.

Partner with ITWORX UK to increase your cyber security

ITWORX UK have been providing IT solutions to organisations for many years. We understand the common challenges your business faces and we know how to remedy them. Cisco Meraki System Manager has been designed to allow your workforce to work from anywhere, with ease, and in a safe and secure environment.

To ensure your remote, or hybrid, workforce is protected against malicious threats, get in touch with us today.