11 Years of ITWORX UK

30th July, 2021

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This week we celebrated our 11th anniversary and we wanted to take the time, to reflect on the many positive changes and developments ITWORX has undertaken, during the past year.

We are now Employee-Owned

Beginning November 1, 2020, ITWORX transitioned to an Employee-Owned Company. The decision was made following on from our 10th anniversary, with founders Philip and Jill ensuring the security and success for the future of ITWORX. The change in structure aspired to bring long-term benefits and help attract and retain new talent, which is so important, especially in an ever-evolving industry like IT.

We already have a wide range of expertise at all ages and levels within the company, that we listen to and learn from. By giving the team a say in how the business is run, demonstrates that the skills and contributions from the team are valued.

Apprenticeships with ITWORX

Over the year we have taken on two apprentices from the QA Apprenticeship Programme, Niall and Heather, to join the Systems team and the Commercial team. Being involved in this programme allows us to provide work experience for those coming out of education, with little to no professional work experience. After Niall successfully completed his apprenticeship earlier this year, he accepted a permanent position with us as Systems Technician.

Business wins, SLA’s and Tickets

We are very grateful for our wonderful client base across all sectors, who continue to support us and have enabled us to have a 99% client retention rate. We have won 9 new business contracts this past year, delivering in excess of £360,000 over the next 3 years.

We have supported 18,211 client ticket requests and our engineers managed to hit our SLA response time targets, on 98% of those tickets.

Our New Product and Technology Offerings

It is great to be part of an industry which continues to thrive and is continuously changing. The past year we have focussed on expanding our Cyber Security portfolio and bundled service offerings. We also have begun rolling out a new Hosted Voice System to support our clients ahead of the ISDN switch off.

The Year Ahead

With the IT landscape ever evolving we need to ensure we remain top of our game. Building on our already solid service portfolio, we will be investing in R&D to complement and enhance our offerings. Coupled with that will be a focus around providing the training and development of the engineering team to deliver these services to our client base.

Our people and clients remain at the heart of everything we do. With our first-year anniversary of employee ownership approaching, we will continue to build on our values and ethos of being an employee-owned business, developing a collaborative working environment for all our stakeholders.