Security for your systems

Today's borderless organizations are changing, and facing unprecedented challenges. Ever-increasing consumer IT offerings and growing numbers of workers using mobile technology (both in and out of the office) bring new capabilities, along with new security threats. Network guests, contractors, employees, and partners all need differing levels of access. At the same time hackers, botnets, spam, phishing and trojan viruses present their own issues.

Strengthen Borderless Security with SecureX Architecture

The Cisco SecureX Architecture offers consistent, distributed policy enforcement to provide many facets of protection, from the mobile worker to the virtualized data center. At the core of SecureX is context-aware security that delivers:

  • Deeper insight
  • More effective security
  • Improved operational efficiency

Context-aware security uses high-level policies that determine who gets access to what type of content, from where, when, and using what application and device.

Cisco solutions and services, such as Cisco TrustSec, AnyConnect, Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA), and Security Intelligence Operations (SIO), provide critical intelligence, policy governance, and enforcement capabilities. They significantly enhance the accuracy, effectiveness, and timeliness of any organization's security implementation.

Advantages of the Cisco SecureX Architecture include:

  • Reduced risk; it rapidly identifies and responds to evolving threats
  • Better compliance; it enforces business policies and best practices
  • Reduced OPEX; it improves efficiency, while reducing complexity and cost
  • Better visibility; it adapts to new threats as they happen
  • End-to-end coverage, with security embedded in every product in the network
  • Award-winning, 24-hour support

The security specialists within ITWORX will ensure that your security is operating at maximum levels to protect your business from todays threats.

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