Cloud Solutions

Microsoft Office 365 adds more power to the Office you already know and use by making it easier to communicate and collaborate with others. Microsoft Office 365 is the office of tomorrow and contains: Email that fits your needs and gives you 25GB for each user. Hold all your contacts in one location and easy access from almost anywhere. End users are able to customise inbox rules and other notifications to suit the individual.

Access your calendars from your PC, Mac, web browser, Windows Phone, iPhone, Android phone, Symbian phone, and BlackBerry. Should the worst happen and you lose your phone. You can wipe data from your device to prevent unauthorized access

Security & professionalism with administrative control

Microsoft blocks spam and manages the servers in the cloud and block external sources from sending email to internal distribution groups so that your email is free from advertising. If you have a Domain name you can use it with your email accounts, design and send high-quality email using images and custom formatting.

Work together on docs from almost anywhere

Everyone can access the latest master copy of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote files and your documents are always up-to-date. Office 365 allows you to share and access files online while you control who gets to see what.

Store and organize important documents

Create a central place to access documents and business information from virtually anywhere and group your sites by function, project, or team & get 10GB of storage for your organisation, plus 500MB per user.

Create, edit, and review reports, proposals, calendars, and budgets with others in real time and shared files always include the latest changes and additions. You have total control of who can access the team site and ITWORX will build your site and take you through the entire process, inclusive of staff training. Microsoft Office 365 is simply the best way to manage modern, efficient office functions for the lowest cost possible.

And all you need is an internet connection to be able to access your files as you would in the office. A brilliant solution if you work in the field or from home when the weather turns nasty.

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