Wi-Fi at your finger tips...

Friday, 18 December, 2015

Everyone now expects Wi-Fi, it is the new norm - but have you defined your Wi-Fi strategy for staff and guests?

Free for everyone?

Limited access?

Lock down social media?

Let's face facts there are very few people these days that don't have a smart device and we all expect instant connectivity and mobility whether that is associated with work or leisure time. Add to this social change, the increased mobility of working practices that promises to deliver a more productive business environment in which to serve your customer base and Wi-Fi comes in to sharp focus.

Cisco and ITWORX have the expertise and proven track record to deliver complete, validated solutions that bring together the essential technologies, services and roadmap, to simplify your mobility strategy and initatives.

Start by deploying secure mobile device access with on-premise and cloud mananged Cisco BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), solutions that help ensure the highest levels of security and end-user experience.

Then deliver all the mobile applications, content and collaboration services that workers need to maximise productivity, anywhere, on any device with Cisco Mobile Workspace solutions.

And engage consumers with a more interactive, personalised expereince with Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX). There is a world of opportunity waiting to be embraced through Wi-Fi.

Talk to us about your Wi-Fi startegy and begin to unlock the potential. 

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