ICT Peer Group Discuss 'Collaboration what's next'?

Thursday, 14 July, 2016

Recently at The Chester Hotel in Aberdeen, ITWORX hosted a dinner for a highly influential group of Oil & Gas ICT industry leaders so that they could debate, share insight, knowledge, experience, and future predictions around the topic of 'Collaboration' in the work place.

As the focus on cost reduction continues to grip the industry, ICT leaders are tasked with and are expected to provide seamless, high quality, collaborative international communications to ensure that production, business initiatives and productivity remain at optimum levels during this extended downturn. 

There is a lot of discussion within ICT & from Business End Users as to the merits of the various collaboration platforms readily available in the market. Particularly, those of the current market leaders Cisco's Jabber & Microsoft's Skype for Business.

ICT leaders tend to measure collaboration tools based on quality, reliability, ready access, simplicity of use and cost effectiveness. Business End Users often judge collaboration tools from personal experience, ease of use, reliability and an on-demand perspective.

Clearly, balancing the needs of users throughout an organisation can be a tricky decision making process. ICT & End Users would ideally like a compatibility blend of the two solutions.

Cisco & Microsoft seek supremacy and are both focusing on delivering productivity tools aimed at attracting and retaining the highest number of end consumers. The battle rages on for dominance and who will come out on top has yet to be understood.

For anyone involved in this collaboration dilemma, ITWORX are able to offer an impartial, un-bias opinion because uniquely, ITWORX is both a Cisco Premier and Microsoft Managed Partner. They have both systems running simultaneously. If desired, you can see, touch and test each platform in a live working environment and you will be able to experience how they can sit together.

While there was not a definitive outcome from discussion, there was at least significant clarity achieved and a desire from those present to take part in future collaborative correspondence. 

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